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What is the WAL Technique?

The WAL liposuction (Water Assisted Liposuction) is a technique that uses the liposuction system normal. It uses cannulas (elongated syringes) that it inserts into the body through small incisions (millimeters) to extract fat from the parts to be treated.

The important thing is that this type of liposuction It is designed specifically for Lipedema, since it also infiltrates a saline serum that helps dissolve fat accumulations.

It is a less invasive solution than regular liposuction, since cares for the patient's venous and lymphatic tissues to directly attack the origin of Lipedema.

The purpose of WAL liposuction, unlike cosmetic liposuction, is to eliminate the greatest amount of adipose tissue and not body remodeling. It is necessary to emphasize that This is a health issue and not an aesthetic one..

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Another difference that exists with aesthetic liposuction is the number of times the same part of the body is approached and the direction in which the cannula is inserted to avoid damaging healthy tissues. The grease suction is smoother, since with the dissolution of fat accumulations it is easier to absorb it.

The cannulas used are more precise and they move smoothly to maintain the greatest care and thus reduce inflammation, bruises and pain in the postoperative period.

How is the operation?

It is introduced a cannula in the body, and this infiltrates a serum solution in a fan shape that sprays the internal tissues and separates the fat cells from the adjacent tissues to then be absorbed through the same cannula.

Thanks to this system you earn in patient safety, since it works under a system completely designed to treat Lipedema.

No matter the amount of fat to be eliminated, it is designed to work with different volumes of fat and different states of Lipedema.

Depending on the type of Lipedema being treated, and the state in which it is found, it is possible that the treatment in several sessions because in liposuction no more than 10% of body weight should be extracted of the patient.

This happens because when fat is extracted from the body, there are also important liquids (electrolytes) for the body that have different and necessary functions for the body. proper functioning of the human body.

Therefore, dividing the treatment into different sessions is done with the aim of taking care of the patient's health and so that the body responds appropriately to each session.

Everything you need to know about the WAL Technique


Patients who undergo WAL liposuction to treat Lipedema present with a postoperative slower recovery than people who undergo cosmetic liposuction. It is important to note that in this case treatment is done to deal with a disease.

It is recommended that you use compression belts for keep tissues firm and that the recovery achieves expected results.

It is important to maintain a Healthy life in which exercise and hydrate the body to keep the body in a good state of maintenance.

Is very It is advisable to see a physiotherapist that helps to realize exercises that favor the lymphatic drainage.

Do again exercise it is recommended gradually. You have to keep your body active, but always with moderation. Gentle walks of some 20 minutes to activate the circulatory system and lymphatic system.

On the other hand, it is stretching is necessary because the muscles can become stiff due to swelling after the operation.

Benefits of the WAL Technique

What you get with the operation

Eliminates excess fat produced by Lipedema.

Returns firmness and elasticity to your skin.

Forget leg and arm pain.

Less postoperative discomfort.

Frequent questions

Arms, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and legs. Basically the areas in which Lipedema occurs.

It depends on whether it is the same area or a different one. As an estimate between 3 and 5 months from the first session.

Treatment for a standard patient

In this case, the patient would not present any problem or inconvenience when performing the treatment. This depends on the characteristics of each patient, but generally the procedure usually has the following characteristics:
The patient would receive an epidural, or the intervention would be performed with local anesthesia and sedation. The intervention would last between 90 and 180 minutes. As for hospitalization, in principle you would not have to stay hospitalized. And the results would be optimal.
At most, in the particular case of some patients, they could stay in the hospital during the day, or overnight. Dr. Weigand would have to assess that. But normally, it's not necessary. It would be an outpatient intervention (without admission).
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Epidural or, local and sedation

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Between 90 - 180 minutes

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