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How does Lipedema affect tissues?

Tissues are affected by proliferation of fat cells that finally end up compacting. In this way they take the shape that can be seen in the image below. They tend to accumulate in the form of rounded agglomeration. Because of this, you can later see skin irregularities of a person affected by lipedema.

On the left side you can see how the development of this disease causes an agglomerated growth of adipose tissue.

Different degrees of development of Lipedema

In this section you can learn about the different degrees of lipedema and how it manifests itself in the patients' bodies. It is necessary to remember that it runs from grade I to IV.

  • During the grade I, Lipedema manifests itself, above all, in the buttocks and thighs. To the touch, the skin still feels flat. No clumps of fat are noticed either.
  • In it grade II, adipose tissue has extended to the knees. It is possible that during this degree there may be an accumulation of fat in the hamstring area (the part opposite the knee). This is because as fat accumulates, it does so in a round shape. And the accumulation of fat in that area can lead to poor functioning of the leg joint. To the touch, the skin begins to become hard because a layer of compacted fat begins to form under the skin. 
  • In it grade III, the disease progresses from the hips (or the well-known holsters, the lateral part of the buttocks and thighs) up to the ankles. It is necessary to indicate that from the ankles it does not advance any further. This phase is usually recognized because the fat bulges around the ankles. Irregularities begin to appear under the skin. The fat nodules are noticeable.
  • In the Grade IV, Lipedema affects the arms. It is possible that in this phase the fatty tissue has affected the lymph nodes. This is because the fat grows in clumps with a round appearance instead of being distributed evenly.
Without treatment like PAL or WAL liposuction The disease cannot be treated because the fat accumulations become compacted and have the peculiarity that they can increase in size, but not reduce it. For this reason, maintain a healthy life by taking care of your diet and exercising. can help reduce adverse effects which causes lipedema, but does not eliminate them.

Remember that if you have any questions, you can contact us through next form. If you still don't know if you suffer from Lipedema, you can solve our 12 question quiz in which it can be determined a priori if this is the case. 

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